Employment with Meaning and Purpose

KARM Stores is a Christian business helping to financially support Knox Area Rescue Ministries, a gospel-based mission. In our 2014 Employee Engagement Survey, we asked our employees to anonymously share their opinions of what KARM Stores does positively to make it a place where people would want to work. We were overwhelmed with the encouraging […]

A much needed prayer

As one of our regular customers stood in the check out line, an observant sales associate watched as she placed a prayer request in our prayer box. Bobby, the associate, couldn’t help but notice the tears in her eyes. After she had checked out Bobby walked with her to the door. He asked, “If you […]

Your Christmas Shopping Can Provide a Meal at KARM

Did you know that your holiday (and every-other-day) shopping can help provide food and shelter to guests at Knox Area Rescue Ministries? Simply start your shopping experience at smile.amazon.com. Choose Knox Area Rescue Ministries as your favorite charitable organization. Select from the products available at Amazon.com and make your purchase. Every time you make a […]

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas at KARM Stores

We have been blessed to have three different groups of teenagers help in preparing our Christmas store for opening. Before beginning each volunteer opportunity, I asked the volunteers this question “When you hear ‘Christmas’, what do you think of?” As you can imagine, the answers included “presents”, “trees”, “decorations”, and “Santa”. Essentially, everything you might […]