Boy Scout Troop 282 pitches in to help

On Saturday, we hosted eight boys from Boy Scout Troop 282. They accomplished a great deal … our windows were cleaned inside and out, two racks of clothes were hung, countless bags of clothes were presorted, parking lots and green areas were completely cleaned. … Yet the story that stands out most was an interaction I witnessed with a donor.

A gentlemen had a truck and trailer full of everything you can imagine. I learned his mother had passed away and this was all of her belongings. The boy scouts did not miss the fact that this was a difficult day for this donor. They gave the donor their sincere condolences and set to work unloading everything this gentleman’s mother owned. The whole time they were unloading they asked questions about the man’s mother. “What was your favorite thing she cooked?” as they unloaded pots and pans. And “she must have loved flowers?” as they unloaded boxes of artificial flowers.

When they were all done the gentleman came inside the store to talk with me.

I was dreading bringing this stuff here today. I am saying goodbye to the best women I have ever known. But those young boys treated my mother’s stuff like it was something important. They let me say goodbye in the best way by remembering the best things about her. I know there are things in those boxes y’all can’t sell but everything that was carried in was treated with such respect. Thank y’all for just being here.

We had a great day with Boy Scout Troop 282.

Stephanie S
Retail Team
KARM Stores on Hall Road (in Alcoa)

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