Watching For Opportunities

I noticed them in the clothing section of the store. As I have gotten older, I take notice more and more of elderly couples. This couple reminded me of my own parents, as they were taking quite a bit of time trying to decide what to purchase. I asked them if they needed any help, hoping that they would so that I would have a chance to talk with them. I think their story is worth retelling. They had both retired several years ago. However, 285_2901334 - 400px as is often the case today, their retirement income just wasn’t enough. In order to make ends meet, he had gone to work for a company monitoring alarm calls. A month ago, he had received a call from a young lady who told him her mother had fallen and she couldn’t get her to wake up. Over the phone, he was able to instruct this young lady on how to administer CPR and, by the time the ambulance arrived, her mother was awake. The mother recovered fully. As a result of his actions, he was being honored in New Orleans for saving this woman’s life. He and his wife were in our store because he didn’t own a suit to wear to the banquet. We were able to supply him with two suits to take to New Orleans and he was thrilled. As they were preparing to leave the store, he came to me and said, “One other thing, we have never been on an airplane, and we are scared to death. Will you pray for us?” I was honored to pray with this couple before they left the store.

It’s a real honor when our Heavenly Father entrusts us as an organization with the assets we need to meet needs in the lives of so many. It seems that we have opportunities such as this almost every day.

Steve R
Retail Team
KARM Stores on Western Avenue

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