Burt’s Blog: “… ushering people into the presence of Jesus…”

He didn’t say much… until afterwards…

Speaking with a group of college interns who had spent the prior night at KARM, I noticed one with a slightly different affect. He was quiet… appeared interested… asked no questions as I shared about part of what we do… ushering people into the presence of Jesus.” As the group packed up their sleeping bags to head out, he lingered back long enough to say thank you privately.

He said that a time ago, he did not like KARM, because his dad was here, and he walked in to the building last night still carrying that. “But,” he said, “I know now that this is the place that kept him alive for a year and led him to Jesus. Thanks for what you all do. Being here last night helped me.”

What a profound moment for this young man as he shared that his dad passed away knowing Jesus, and a great reminder that ushering people into His presence is our real work.

Burt Rosen
President & CEO

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