10, 9, 8, 7, 6 … What a Launch It Was!

Michael S. joined LaunchPoint class #18 at a time when he was torn between needing employment and committing to a four-week class. He trusted God and joined LaunchPoint, giving himself passionately to the process and enthusiastically singing the opening song louder than any previous participant.

During the third week of class, Michael’s table facilitator learned of his pipe fitting experience and pointed him to a job possibility.  Through this connection, he was able to participate in two interviews with two separate companies.

Just a couple days before graduation, Michael was offered a job as a sub-contractor at Alcoa Aluminum. The excitement and anxiety began to emerge as he was met with the reality of a great job offer, but also the understanding that he had no ability to get to and from work.

The countdown began – 10, 9, 8, 7 … as Michael called CAC, ETHRA, and other transportation resources to no avail. LaunchPoint staff began spreading the word to the larger KARM staff family, and desperate calls were made to other agency personnel with whom we are connected as we scrambled for a solution. However, nothing was working, and Alcoa seemed a hundred miles away. 

The window of time to reach a resolution was beginning to narrow – 6, 5, 4 … Just when it appeared as though we were running out of options, an email was sent to LP volunteers asking for ideas and input. In response to this simple email, three of our volunteers responded with offers of assistance.

In the end, David F. committed to pick-up Michael every morning at 6:15 AM and transport him to work, and Nathan H. offered to provide return transportation to KARM each day at 5:30 PM.

These men made this sacrifice for a period of two weeks until Michael was able to move into a rented room in Alcoa.  He is now living less than a mile from work, and he is working on confirmed, permanent housing in Blount County through the VA. 

Most launches are not this intense, and they do not involve the efforts of this many people in such a short amount of time.  However, when God’s people focus their efforts on one needy person at one moment in time, the sky is the limit.  

3, 2, 1 … Michael has achieved lift off! 

Judge Pippin

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