Encouragement from a KARM Stores Donor

Recently, a donor visited KARM Stores in Oak Ridge to make a donation. After receiving his donation, the gentleman left and returned later that afternoon to share this encouragement.

I get joy knowing that instead of a person sleeping on a cardboard box, they get to sleep in a bed. I get joy knowing that a person who might go hungry will get a meal to eat just because of the work that is provided through this store. I know it’s not easy going through all these donations and getting them ready to sell. And you may not think what you do is important or that your work does not matter. But I personally know it is very important.

I have a son who was on drugs. His life held no meaning and he had lost hope. We turned to Knox Area Rescue Ministries who took him in and gave him the hope, the help, and the love that he needed.

I will be ever grateful to the Knox Area Rescue Ministries for what they did and to KARM Stores for making it happen through the work they do.

As the gentleman started to leave he turned to us with these last encouraging words, “Never let anyone tell you that your job is not important!”

Mechelle E
Retail Team
KARM Stores in Oak Ridge

One Response to “Encouragement from a KARM Stores Donor”

  1. Betty Gross

    I was in the KARM Stores located in West Knoxville today around noon. When you walk in there was a pleasant “hello” and, later, laughter among the employees at the front of the store as they were checking out customers. I went in for one specific reason and that was work pants for my husband, Joe. Unfortunately, there were none. I stopped and watched the employees around the store as there were at least three of them putting out merchandise. They were so busy they had nothing to say.

    There was a nice middle-aged man checking us out and doing a good job with the customers. He was friendly and polite to me and others checking out. At the end of ringing up some small items I found he asked, “Would you like to give a donation?” I did and I felt good about being there and knowing someone would have a hot meal tonight!

    We don’t get that type of greeting everywhere we shop and I enjoyed his polished manner of handling each customer. I thought about him and said a prayer that, whatever he himself might be dealing with, he would be blessed today. He showed that when he arrived at work, it was showtime. His job now was to do a good job and get busy handling customers and the rest of his daily stuff would be handled later.

    You need a spirit of grace to work at KARM Stores and really have the gift of helping others, as I am sure the pay scale is low. I believe he was putting on the skin of Jesus and lifting spirits.