A kindness doesn’t go unnoticed…

woman walkingA note from one of our Frontline staffers:

“Hello, I wanted to share this with you…

Ms. W. is one of our regular guests who has been in great need and has stayed with us at KARM for quite a while.  This week when she came in to stay overnight, she  gave me a Christmas card with $10.00 in it. I tried to give the cash back to her, but she refused. So I passed the cash to KARM through my supervisor on duty, who transferred it to be processed as a donation.

 It’s  a good feeling to know that  our guests do appreciate everything we do for them in return, and that they will give us their last dime in appreciation of the work that we do.

 Thank God for giving me the wisdom and courage to continue on in this ministry.



One Response to “A kindness doesn’t go unnoticed…”

  1. Michael Burlison

    I am the worship coordinator, one of the worship musicians and occasionally the worship leader for the Recovery at Cokesbury/KARM campus Recovery Church held every Friday night in the chapel. I learned a long time ago that passing the offering basket is very important to our Friday night church.
    I can’t tell you how many times someone from the KARM community has come up to me and told me they missed the offering, then handed me money and said “I missed the offering plate. Could you please put this in the offering?”, and there is no discussion to be had!
    Pretty humbling.