It’s a miracle I’m here

Very soon, we’ll celebrate the greatest miracle the modern world has known….the birth of Jesus in a humble stable, born to save humanity from sin, reunite us with God, and transform our  lives.   Steve saw it happen in his own life through care he received at Knox Area Rescue Ministries.

Two years ago, Steve had spent his last dollar, and was not only broke, but broken. He found shelter in a nearby barn in the dead of winter.  He wanted to die. “For three straight nights, I pressed a gun to my head, willing myself to pull the trigger, ” he shared, recalling the desperation of those dark nights.

In a moment of clarity, he called his daughter and asked for help.  After a short hospital stay, Steve came to KARM.

“It’s a miracle I’m here,” Steve said.  “Those nights weren’t the first time I tried to end my life.  I’ve tried to overdose and cut my wrists, and both times, the doctors told me I shouldn’t be alive.  Obviously, God had another plan.”

Steve is living proof that miracles still happen today.  Through the kindness, compassion, and care everyone Steve has encountered at KARM, he sees God at work in his life and is grateful.

“God is very patient,” Steve said.  It took 60 years of Him sitting there waiting for me to it before I finally said I would try it His way.  Now, it’s a totally different world for me.”

Steve is just one example of those who come to KARM in need who didn’t think his life was worth the air he breathed.  After his experience through KARM, Steve now believes in God’s love, and knows, without a doubt, how valuable he is to God.

Miracles still happen every day.

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  1. God is so good. We serve a mighty God who can do all things. So proud of you