We Are KARM Stores

I have the privilege of working as a Processing Manager for KARM Stores in Oak Ridge and I am KARM Stores.

Helping the homeless

My church family at Christmas time would make up goody bags to pass out to the homeless in Knoxville. In these goody bags, we would try to provide them with their basic needs.

We all would gather at the bridge on Magnolia where our walk would begin. With bags in hand, we started out to give a little help to those people in need.

As we walked the street passing out bags, a thought came to my mind. “Wouldn’t it be great if this could be done more than just at Christmas time.” I didn’t know then what God would do later on in my life.

He brought me to KARM Stores to work at a company whose only purpose is to provide for the services needed at KARM. I get to help more than just once a year. I get to help everyday I go to work.

Part of the team

I have always looked at my team members from the CEO, district managers, HR department, distribution, the retail department and the processing department and I would often say, “We are KARM Stores”. But that’s not exactly true.
because of you we are karm stores

Redefining “We Are KARM Stores”

Now I know that the donors who donate, the customers who shop, the volunteers who volunteer are all part of the KARM Stores team. I can proudly and boldly say “We are KARM Stores“. Because of you, we can do what we do! Though we may never get to meet the people we help, knowing we are working together to make a difference is reward enough.

Gretta M
Processing Manager
KARM Stores in Oak Ridge

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