Rescued by grace, Rachel found she wasn’t alone…

Homeless, estranged from her family and desperate, Rachel was weighed down by depression. She felt trapped in bad relationships with men and stuck in a cycle of drug and alcohol abuse. Finally, Rachel could see no way forward, and she attempted suicide. By the grace of God, her life was spared and she realized she needed to make a drastic change. Rachel tried to reach her grandfather, a KARM employee, and found herself talking to a counselor at Serenity, KARM’s
recovery program for women. Within an hour, she had a place at KARM. Here, Rachel found the support she’d longed for since childhood. “I still have a lot of bitterness toward my parents,” she shares. “As a child, I went through so much… I needed them, and they left me. It’s a daily battle, but God is helping
me work through it.”

Rachel is currently undergoing treatment for her drug and alcohol abuse problems, and thankfully she’s not doing it alone. As she works toward recovery, she’s grateful to have caring staff to walk alongside her. “KARM supported me when I was at the worst place in my life. They loved me right where I was. No judgment, no condemnation like I’ve felt my whole life… no need to hide! “I should never have lived through my overdose. But God has made it clear to me that I still have work to do, and I’m okay with that. He is so faithful!” Thanks to dedicated partners like you, Rachel has found the support she needed to make her way back to health and wholeness. But most importantly, she’s found the grace that’s available to each of us—grace that restores without condemnation! Please continue to pray for Rachel and the others here at KARM. Just like Rachel, we want them to know they’re not alone.

Read more about Rachel and others in our most recent newsletter here.

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