Patricia’s Story: Hoping For, and Ultimately Finding, Love

Patricia’s parents were both drug addicts. Unable to handle the responsibilities of caring for a small child or showing love, her mother abandoned her when she was very young. Her father left a few years later, leaving Patricia in the care of her grandparents.

screen-shot-2017-01-12-at-10-38-25-amHurt and confused, Patricia began to rebel at the age of 12. Her grandparents turned her over to the state and she spent the next six years going from foster home to foster home.

Looking For Love

Abandoned by everyone who was supposed to care for her, Patricia was lost. She had no roots – no place of safety – to return to. Hoping to find love, she started dating an older man. She spent three years with him, enduring jealousy and abuse because she had nowhere else to turn. Once that relationship ended, Patricia began dating another man, whom she ultimately married.

Learning To Trust Again

Unfortunately, the cycle continued: jealousy, abuse and abandonment. Broken and alone, Patricia came to KARM and moved into Serenity, our residential recovery program for women. Here, Patricia is slowly learning to trust again. She’s building relationships with the staff and learning that she can depend on us – and on God – when she needs help.

She’s also making plans for her future – including cosmetology school and opening her own hair salon. Most importantly, she’s making plans to take care of herself.

“I’ve learned to be independent here,” Patricia smiles. “I don’t have to rely on a man. I can be my own person.”

Please continue to pray for Patricia and others like her here. Pray that she will find the peace Christ offers and know His unending, unstoppable love.

2 Responses to “Patricia’s Story: Hoping For, and Ultimately Finding, Love”

  1. Patricia, you go girl! I pray that you have strength and fortitude to make it on your own. Bless you dear ❤

  2. You are not your past! So happy that you are doing better! God has a plan for you and your life, live it, experience it, love it and share it! Where you go so shall he be…