Everyone’s story is different…there is no typical homeless person.

Everyone’s story is different. It’s sometimes easy to profile a person who’s homeless, and assume the story is the same. But the reasons someone may be homeless are complex and varied…from unemployment, to illness, to domestic violeMan walkingnce, to sudden unexpected circumstances, to making poor relationship choices, like the situation Mark found himself in.

Mark was employed at a well known restaurant, living in an apartment in West Knoxville, owned a car, and was doing pretty well.  Then a new relationship led to shared housing, an ultimately to losing his home.  Other parts of his life then disintegrated too, like dominoes falling one by one.  But KARM, somewhere he never expected to turn to for help, was here for him.

To hear Mark’s story in his own words, tune in to this month’s national Voice of the Homeless podcast featuring Mark’s story about KARM. CLICK HERE for the podcast link.

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