Sherry Volunteers to Bless & Dress Others

Why do you Volunteer?

When you ask KARM Stores volunteers why do they volunteer, you’ll hear some common themes.

  • I came with my church group
  • I needed community service hours
  • I wanted to do something to give back to the community

Recently, a store manager asked Sherry why she volunteers at KARM Stores. Her reasons stood out from the usual responses.

Sherry attends a church that partners with KARM & KARM Stores through Corners of Your Field. Her church receives gift cards connected to every donation of goods as well as donations of time. When Sherry learned she could increase the number of gift cards by volunteering, she set a goal for herself.

Sherry’s Plan

One of the ministries of her church is a recovery program for addicts. Sherry wanted each person in the group to have a special outfit to wear when they “graduated” from the program. She knew many would not have the funds to purchase new clothes.

Sherry began donating her time at KARM Stores in February. In 4 months, she volunteered over 200 hours. Sherry was so happy to see the big smiles on the recovery program graduates, in their new clothes, as they received their certificates. She knew her donation of time not only impacted the lives of people helped by Knox Area Rescue Ministries, but also those helped by her own church.

Continuing to Serve

Sherry continues to give her time at KARM Stores. And each hour she gives helps more people. Join her as she helps restore lives at KARM as well as her church.

To schedule your volunteer experience, choose the location, date & time that works for you.

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