Ricky’s Fresh Start

Addiction to Transition

Ricky is only 27 years old, but he has been battling addiction for 15 years. After a few stints in jail, a counselor suggested Ricky spend a year at KARM to get the help he needs to move forward. So that’s what Ricky did.

Ricky moved to KARM in late 2016 and joined LaunchPoint where he rediscovered the faith of his childhood. Now several months into his year at KARM, Ricky has a greater perspective on life. Ricky shares how God got his attention with those arrests.

“God just kept leading me back to jail. He put it on my heart that I needed to stop making such bad choices and start living for something else.”

Now Ricky has a job and is moving to the Bridge, KARM’s transitional housing for men. The Bridge prepares them for life filled with hope and purpose.  With continuing assistance from the KARM staff, Ricky and others prepare to be on their own again. In the meantime, Ricky wants to thank the partners, like you, who make this possible. “You are keeping people out of the wet and cold and giving them the hope they need to change their lives.”

Because of You

Because of you, people like Ricky can have a fresh start. When you give to KARM & KARM Stores, hope and healing are offered to those in need of another chance at life. Thank you for partnering with us to restore lives in Jesus’ Name.

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