Life Redeemed by Grace, Now Working for Good

I grew up in church.  I went every Sunday with either my “mamaw” or my dad’s sister.  Sometimes, I even went with my best friend’s family. Somewhere along the way, I got lost and sunk deep into sin. Where it started and why, I can’t be sure. I started smoking weed at the young age […]

God’s Work, In and Out of the Workplace

I have interacted with this particular bank teller almost daily to make the store’s deposit. As of a few months ago he no longer worked there. He came to the store looking for a job because he remembered seeing me a lot and knew I needed help at the store. I started talking to him […]

“Are you in charge?”

I was recently approached by a customer who asked a question I hear regularly. “Are you in charge?” she asked. Having been in retail management at a secular department store for a number of years, I must admit when asked that question or something similar, my automatic response is to brace for a complaint that […]

Why I Do What I Do

Since I started working in the lovely Christian atmosphere of KARM Stores, my life has been changed. I love working in the processing department at the Halls location. My family, friends and church-family has seen a difference in me since I started working there. I am happier because I’m so blessed to have a work place […]

Prayers Requested, Prayers Received

Recently during a transaction with a customer, she saw our prayer request box on the counter. She asked if we really prayed for everyone who puts a prayer request in the box.    I was able to share with her that we, as a store team, did pray for each request and how several small […]

Employee Spotlight: Steve R

Quiet and unassuming, Steve has worked to serve his community the only way he knows how. Steve has been a part of the KARM Stores story for several years and now serves as the manager of the Western Avenue location. A generally soft-spoken person, his passion for helping and caring for people in need is apparent […]

A Gift Spanning Generations of One Family and Impacting Others

A few weeks ago, our Clinton store location shared a memorable experience with one family. The family of a recently deceased man were cleaning out his house and they donated nearly all the contents of the house to KARM Stores. It took them about three days to complete the task. After their last trip, the […]

Take Me Out To The Ballgame and Help KARM

Join us on Friday, August 28th to cheer on the Tennessee Smokies! Not only will you receive a special, discounted rate for every ticket purchased, but a portion of the proceeds from every sale will be used to benefit KARM! Make sure to follow these instructions to receive your discount AND support KARM. Click here to […]

Finding Hope in the Midst of a (Literal) Train Wreck

As shared by a first-time customer to KARM Stores … I had never shopped at your store before, but my office was closed due to a train derailment in Blount County. As I was pumping gas at Kroger, I noticed your store. I thought I would pop in and look for some cleats for my […]

Customer Spotlight: Christy (and Her Bear)

Christy is one of our customers at KARM Stores on Chapman Highway. She deals with several health issues and has special needs. Once a week, I get to talk to her and she checks to see what kind of stuffed animals we have. When she feels up to visiting, we pick out that special stuffed animal and […]