Faith Promise Students Storm KARM Stores

On Saturday, March 7, students from Faith Promise Church arrived at our store in Halls. This had been on the calendar for a few weeks and as the time of their arrival got closer, the excitement could be felt throughout our store. As they arrived, we divided them into two groups. One group would help […]

A Distinctly Different Volunteer Experience

A volunteer came to work Friday morning and excitedly asked if we had done our daily devotion yet. He’s currently serving at KARM Stores as he goes through rehabilitation after an injury on his construction job. In response to his question, I told him we were waiting for the rest of the team members to […]

The Birth of the KARM Stores Clearance Center

It started with a phone call. A woman called to ask our permission to go through the dumpster at one of our stores to get clothes and shoes for her children. She explained that she has seven children and was looking for some play clothes and shoes for them to wear over the summer months […]

Free Bibles

Recently, a family visited our store that looked to be new to the country. One of the girls was looking over all the bibles in the store and brought one up to the register. She asked her parents if she could have it. The parents looked at each other asked us for the price. The […]

Being Thoughtful

I have been thinking lately about how many thoughtful customers we get at KARM Stores. The following story came to mind. We had a gentleman visit our Chapman location and spot a nice toy truck set in the toy department. He told me that it brought back memories of when he was a child. So, […]

Extraordinary People Facing Difficult Obstacles

In today’s world, employees feel they face difficult obstacles each day.  For the ordinary person, making the effort to work with a minor illness, such as a cold, may be considered an obstacle that is difficult to achieve. But what about the obstacles that extraordinary people face? It is my pleasure to work with an […]

Every $2.00 Spent Buys a Meal

I was checking out a gentleman at the register the other day. His total came to approximately $160.00, as I believe he was buying some items for his home. After the transaction was over, I told him he helped provide over 80 meals at the shelter. He was completed shocked elated. I had never seen […]

KARM Stores’ Jobs – Employment with Meaning and Purpose – Part 2

In our last blog, we shared some of our employee’s comments from our 2014 Employee Engagement Survey. In that survey, we asked our employees to share what KARM Stores does positively to make it a place where people would want to work. As we began to re-read each of these comments, we were so uplifted […]

Employment with Meaning and Purpose

KARM Stores is a Christian business helping to financially support Knox Area Rescue Ministries, a gospel-based mission. In our 2014 Employee Engagement Survey, we asked our employees to anonymously share their opinions of what KARM Stores does positively to make it a place where people would want to work. We were overwhelmed with the encouraging […]

A much needed prayer

As one of our regular customers stood in the check out line, an observant sales associate watched as she placed a prayer request in our prayer box. Bobby, the associate, couldn’t help but notice the tears in her eyes. After she had checked out Bobby walked with her to the door. He asked, “If you […]