A Change In Perspective | Who is homeless?

Knowing I am making a difference in the lives of a homeless family by working at KARM Stores is rewarding in itself.  For those who have not encountered someone without a home, “homeless” can be a vague term. I often think of someone who is maybe in their 30s, whose life has fallen through the cracks of today’s […]

An 11-year old volunteer shares the story of KARM

On Sunday, March 22nd, I had the great pleasure of helping lead a group of volunteers in repainting the Alcoa location of KARM Stores. This group was from Foothills Church so my small group was involved, which means my son (who is 11 years old and struggles with Autism) participated under the careful supervision of my […]

Come on in. You’re safe here.

  “Come on in. You’re safe here.”  It sounds like a simple welcome, but those words can be life-changing for many who come to KARM, like Sherry.  To hear more of her story, click here.

Visit your local Food City and drop off your donation to KARM Stores

Next week, on Wednesday, April 22nd and Saturday, April 25th, KARM Stores is collecting donations at 13 Knoxville area Food City locations as part of their weeklong Earth Day activities. We’re excited to partner with them for the second year in a row. Visit one of the 13 Food City locations with your gently-used clothing […]

Working Through Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

Perhaps the warmer temperatures have you considering the annual ritual of systematically removing items collected over the cold weather months. Or maybe you just finished reading the global best seller The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo and you’re now itching to eliminate those items that don’t “spark joy”. Whatever the reason, now is as good a time […]

Faith Promise Students Storm KARM Stores

On Saturday, March 7, students from Faith Promise Church arrived at our store in Halls. This had been on the calendar for a few weeks and as the time of their arrival got closer, the excitement could be felt throughout our store. As they arrived, we divided them into two groups. One group would help […]

A Distinctly Different Volunteer Experience

A volunteer came to work Friday morning and excitedly asked if we had done our daily devotion yet. He’s currently serving at KARM Stores as he goes through rehabilitation after an injury on his construction job. In response to his question, I told him we were waiting for the rest of the team members to […]

The Birth of the KARM Stores Clearance Center

It started with a phone call. A woman called to ask our permission to go through the dumpster at one of our stores to get clothes and shoes for her children. She explained that she has seven children and was looking for some play clothes and shoes for them to wear over the summer months […]

Free Bibles

Recently, a family visited our store that looked to be new to the country. One of the girls was looking over all the bibles in the store and brought one up to the register. She asked her parents if she could have it. The parents looked at each other asked us for the price. The […]

Being Thoughtful

I have been thinking lately about how many thoughtful customers we get at KARM Stores. The following story came to mind. We had a gentleman visit our Chapman location and spot a nice toy truck set in the toy department. He told me that it brought back memories of when he was a child. So, […]