Pennies From Heaven

What can you do with 187 pennies?  

To many of us, 187 pennies may seem like a very small amount.  Every day, we probably step over many pennies in our path.  But $1.87 will provide a warm meal to a homeless or hungry man, woman or child here in East Tennessee.

You can make a difference in the lives of the hungry, hurting, and homeless this year by participating in a Pennies From Heaven project. Nearly 1,000 meals are served every day at Knox Area Rescue Ministries.  We challenge you to provide 100, 200, or even 1,000 meals to those in need.

We will be happy to provide Pennies From Heaven flyers, jar labels, or speakers for your church or organization. To participate, please contact Jar w Logo

The Pennies from Heaven Story:

A few years ago, a woman named Barbara was a resident participant at Serenity, our women’s  long term residential recovery program.  As part of her preparation for graduation from the recovery program, she was to find a job, which she did.  The job was close enough to the program that she could walk to work.  Walking became a major part of Barbara’s daily schedule, and resulted in a new inspirational lifestyle habit. When walking to work, Barbara would find pennies on the ground and say, “Thank you, Lord! A penny from heaven!” Fearful of never having enough money, she saved the pennies for an emergency. But as she realized that God was supplying all her needs during her stay at KARM, she brought the saved pennies back to the ministry as a thanks offering. Barbara’s experience became the inspiration for KARM’s ongoing “Pennies from Heaven” project. She still collects pennies to this day.