Rescue + Relationship = Restoration

In scripture we read about Jesus calling Lazarus out of the tomb of death, even though he had been dead for several days (John 11:38-44.)  Jesus proclaims the message of new life by saying “Come, out, Lazarus!”  Yet, the story doesn’t end there.  Jesus commanded the community – “YOU go and let him loose! YOU unbind him!”  Even though Jesus could have unbound Lazarus, He commanded the community to do so.  The community around Lazarus gently and lovingly removed the bandages so that he could move about – and live.

That’s ministry!  As Jesus raises people to new life, He is also calling YOU to “loose the bonds and unbind” those like Lazarus in our community who are shackled by homelessness, poverty, addiction, fear, and hopelessness. Volunteering through the many ministries of KARM is one way to answer that call of Christ!

Register for a KARM Volunteer Encounter

prayingOur approach to service begins with attending a KARM Volunteer Encounter. At the KARM Volunteer Encounter, you’ll learn about our ministry story and programs, tour our facilities, hear about current volunteering opportunities, and discover the next steps you can take to join in.  Register here.


Volunteer Group Application

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KARM is a place where the church can be the church through the service of youth groups, small groups, Sunday school classes, etc.  For businesses, serving at KARM provides a wonderful opportunity for employees to work together through a rewarding experience that is beneficial for the company, the employees, and the entire community.  We’d love to partner with you and find out what your group does best!  Apply here.

Community Outreach and Fundraising


Throughout the year, KARM hosts several activities to serve our community.  As new activities are scheduled, you’ll be able to click on an upcoming opportunity when listed to learn more or to sign up to volunteer.
Current Event Volunteer Opportunities
Stuff the Bus – July 16-27