Burt’s Blog: “… ushering people into the presence of Jesus…”

He didn’t say much… until afterwards… Speaking with a group of college interns who had spent the prior night at KARM, I noticed one with a slightly different affect. He was quiet… appeared interested… asked no questions as I shared about part of what we do… “ushering people into the presence of Jesus.” As the […]

From Hopeless to Hopeful: Geoff’s Story

Geoff was happily married, with a good job. But when he got hooked on painkillers after back surgery, everything unraveled. He lost his job, his marriage and his home… as well as his hope for the future. Hear more about Geoff, his journey to KARM, and his return to hope in this month’s podcast.  

Through the Eyes of a Fifth Grader

Experiencing KARM for the First Time Recently, the fifth graders at Rocky Hill Elementary embarked on a journey of discovery. Ultimately, they not only learned how KARM cares for our guests but also how KARM Stores provides Every Person. Every Meal. Every Day. But it wasn’t purely an educational exercise. They went steps farther by […]

Sandy can celebrate Mother’s Day once again…

Last Mother’s Day, Sandy didn’t have much to celebrate. And at fifty-nine-years old, she could have given up hope. Caught in the grip of addiction, Sandy traded everything good in her life for drugs. her home, her possessions…even her closest family relationships. Sandy hadn’t spoken with her daughter in eight years. Her granddaughter hardly knew […]