Stories from KARM Stores on Hall Road (in Alcoa)

As I greeted the donor who stood on the other side of my door, I was face to face with an elderly gentlemen smiling ear to ear. As we walked towards his vehicle, he eagerly announced that he had brought some items to donate. As he began to hand me bags from his van decorated […]

The Value of a Meal

If you ever wondered if you were really making any difference, let this story – one of hundreds we experience every month – confirm that your gift really does matter. Bill’s brother was killed suddenly and tragically. The family was overwhelmed by the loss, especially Bill. Following his brother’s funeral, Bill chose to walk home […]

Richard’s story

When life turned sour, Richard fell into a deep depression. He lost his wife to divorce. Then he lost his home when, after living with his mother as caretaker for five years, the family liquidated her assets to place her in a nursing home. With no place to go and no one to look to […]