More Than One Blessing

They walked into the store around noon. A mom and her young son came straight to the counter. It was obvious they had special business on their minds. Come to find out it was very special indeed.

The young man stood tall (as tall as 7-1/2 years would allow), and head held high. 609_3687660There was a certain resolve about him that made you take notice. Then his mom explained that he wanted to donate his money to KARM, “because they do such a good work.”

To give away his $30.00 (that he could have spent on his own toys) was a big deal. It was a lot of money to a kid, but he was determined to give. He handed it over joyfully, while his mom explained that she promised to match whatever he gave.

So KARM received a double blessing that day, and a certain cashier learned a lesson in selfless giving from a 7-1/2 year old, one I won’t soon forget.

Jo H
Retail Team
KARM Stores on Merchants Drive

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