The Perfect Fit

We had a customer come in looking for boots about a month ago.  One of our sales associates tried to find this man a pair of boots, but we did not have the type he needed for work. He left his name and number for us to contact if we had boots come in that would work for him.

558_3263491 - 300pxA few days later, as we were putting out more merchandise, we discovered the boots the man had been waiting for!  I waited for our sales associate to come in to give the customer a call.  The man came in as soon as he got off work to look at the boots.

When he saw them, he wanted to buy them without even trying them on. I tried to get him to see if they would fit, but he said he knew they would because God had sent them here for him.  The man came by the next day wearing his boots and they fit him perfectly! God knew what he needed.

Tera T
Retail Team
KARM Stores in Morristown

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