A much needed prayer

As one of our regular customers stood in the check out line, an observant sales associate watched as she placed a prayer request in our prayer box. Bobby, the associate, couldn’t help but notice the tears in her eyes.

After she had checked out Bobby walked with her to the door. He asked, “If you don’t mind me asking, may I pray with you now? I saw your requested prayer. I don’t want to put you on the spot, but I would love to pray with you before you leave.”

The customer said, “I would appreciate that so much. I just left the doctor’s office and they saw what they believe to be a cancerous tumor. I will be having tests this week and should have the results next week.” They prayed together and she thanked him as she left.

Just yesterday she returned to “hug the neck of the man who prayed for her.” Her results surprised her doctors, but she said, “They didn’t surprise me. I knew you were praying for me.”

I am happy to say her test results showed no cancer. What a wonderful God we serve and what a pleasure to serve him here at KARM Stores.

Stephanie S
Retail Team
KARM Stores in Alcoa

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