Employment with Meaning and Purpose

KARM Stores is a Christian business helping to financially support Knox Area Rescue Ministries, a gospel-based mission.

In our 2014 Employee Engagement Survey, we asked our employees to anonymously share their opinions of what KARM Stores does positively to make it a place where people would want to work. We were overwhelmed with the encouraging responses received and are excited to share some of them.

  •  “KARM Stores gives us an opportunity to work in a Christian atmosphere with workers who love the Lord and have common goals to reveal Christ through our work and in our lives.”
  • “We are challenged to do excellent work to make our stores the best they can be in order to support a mission that leads people to the Lord and helps them achieve a better life.”Job Application
  • “KARM Stores gives back into the community providing a positive reinforcement to their employees that their employment really does make a difference in the community.”
  •  “The idea that God is first in the work place allows KARM to provide a great place to work. I enjoy the people I interact with as well as the work I do.”
  • “I believe KARM Stores cares about both the staff and the donors. I have experienced first-hand positive affirmation and acknowledgement from supervision, which I appreciate.”
  •  “The Christ-centered working environment makes us stand out. There is often a sense of peace and calmness as compared to other retail stores. I like that we treat one another, our customers included, as family and that everyone is acknowledged warmly.”
  •  “KARM offers an environment that fosters spiritual, personal and professional growth in Christ. It is often a soft place to fall for the new Christian or the wounded Christian. Encouraging both to heal and grow in Christ, taking their focus off their own pain by giving them the opportunity to serve others while providing for their own needs as well as their families. “
  • “The culture of KARM Stores is like no other I have ever seen in a professional setting. It definitely is a very positive environment and we are made to feel needed and important. I feel valued as an individual and accepted as I am.”
  • “Well, reaching out to the homeless, being a part of a ministry where people are being fed and taken care of is truly an honor and I don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want to be a part of that.”

Exciting isn’t it? We invite you to apply for any of our open positions and become a part of this wonderful family.

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