Being Thoughtful

I have been thinking lately about how many thoughtful customers we get at KARM Stores. The following story came to mind.

We had a gentleman visit our Chapman location and spot a nice toy truck set in the toy department. He told me that it brought back memories of when he was a child. So, he brought it up and bought it. However, he did not take it with him but asked me to give it to a boy that was in need.

The Assistant Manager found a little boy in the store later that week. When she handed him the truck set, his eyes got big. He was so excited to get it. You could tell how much it meant to him.

When the customer came back in, we told him how happy he made the little boy. We also let him know how thoughtful he was and how much this affected us. He just glowed at the news.

Joy B
Retail Team
KARM Stores on Chapman Highway

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