Extraordinary People Facing Difficult Obstacles

In today’s world, employees feel they face difficult obstacles each day.  For the ordinary person, making the effort to work with a minor illness, such as a cold, may be considered an obstacle that is difficult to achieve. But what about the obstacles that extraordinary people face?

It is my pleasure to work with an extraordinary person every day at our KARM Store on Hall of Fame. This employee eagerly attends work each day and typically arrives at least 15 minutes early. Once here, he paces the store floor to take a mental inventory and is always anxious to face his day. He is perpetually full of enthusiasm and excited about his work.

What makes this employee extraordinary?  He is challenged each day of his life with epilepsy.  Knowing that at any moment he could suddenly have a seizure might be an obstacle an ordinary person wouldn’t even attempt to overcome. Nevertheless, this employee faces his challenge each and every day with a positive attitude, knowing God is in control and by him all things are possible.

When I’m faced with a challenge or a difficult obstacle that may be hard to overcome, I get my strength from him and his experience facing his handicap. Knowing him has enabled me to laugh in the face of fear, make mockery of a challenge, and has given me encouragement to face any obstacle.

Randall Y
Retail Team
KARM Stores on Hall of Fame Drive

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