KARM Stores’ Jobs – Employment with Meaning and Purpose – Part 2

In our last blog, we shared some of our employee’s comments from our 2014 Employee Engagement Survey. In that survey, we asked our employees to share what KARM Stores does positively to make it a place where people would want to work. As we began to re-read each of these comments, we were so uplifted and encouraged that we thought we would share the rest of them with you.

  • “It is a good place. The money stays right here to help our community. I love that we are helping our neighbors.”
  • “The mission means so much to me. I believe that God truly is working in our organization.”
  • “They give us second chances which I am grateful! I say that because I know and believe people change!”
  • “Very positive atmosphere! And to be able to be around other believers is the best of all!”
  • “I love KARM for many reasons, and working there has only increased that love. First, not only am I working with other Christians, but I’m working with my brothers and sisters in Christ. At KARM Stores, I feel that unity and community. Also, I love the fact that I am working for an organization that aids and supports an almost invisible-and yet ever present—community living in an ambivalent world. Jesus said that we will always have the poor with us. Therefore, it is our responsibility to both love God and humanity to honor and love them. KARM Stores does exactly that.”
  • “Some reasons I opted to work for KARM Stores as opposed to applying for a retail position in another store are: 1. KARM Stores’ commitment to being closed on Sundays 2. Christian music playing in the store helps me to keep my focus on the Lord during those slower times 3. Having a goal to reveal Christ in all that we do.”
  • “It maintains a family feel environment where one can discuss things that are going on outside of the working environment and being able to ask for prayer.”
  • “As for me and my supervisor, I have never had such a real relationship with any other form of management.”
  • “Positive up-lifting attitudes!! Encouragement toward spiritual growth!! (VERY important). No gossip. No malicious attitudes.”

If these comments entice you to become part of our KARM Stores’ family, we invite you to apply.

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