A Distinctly Different Volunteer Experience

A volunteer came to work Friday morning and excitedly asked if we had done our daily devotion yet. He’s currently serving at KARM Stores as he goes through rehabilitation after an injury on his construction job. In response to his question, I told him we were waiting for the rest of the team members to arrive. His excitement became more apparent as he explained he is not used to having this experience at work – devotions, praying, listening to Christian music, and praising God.

As a construction worker,  he hears all kinds of language and never anything about God or praying for one another. He was amazed to volunteer with a company whose mission statement starts out with, “To reveal Christ,” and we do it every day.

Volunteers at KARM Stores are enjoying a distinctly different experience – watching, listening, and learning Christ. Each team member at KARM Stores reveals Christ as he or she works side by side with volunteers. It’s just another way we make a difference every day.

Gretta M
Processing Team
KARM Stores in Oak Ridge

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