The Birth of the KARM Stores Clearance Center

It started with a phone call. A woman called to ask our permission to go through the dumpster at one of our stores to get clothes and shoes for her children. She explained that she has seven children and was looking for some play clothes and shoes for them to wear over the summer months so she could save their school clothes for the next year. She said she loved what KARM did with the money earned in the stores and liked shopping with us when she could. But she couldn’t afford to spend much on clothes at this time. Was there any way we could help?

For the next week that caller stayed on my mind. Was there a way we could help meet the needs of families like hers? Three years of discussion, planning, and praying followed – and the Clearance Center was born.

tables_clearance_center - 600x200Today the KARM Clearance Center provides a “second chance” for clothing, shoes, furniture and other household items to be purchased at a fraction of the original price. Some items have minor flaws; some are rotated stock from other KARM Stores.

Clothing items are individually priced at $1 to $4. You can also grab one of the two sizes of bags provided in the store, fill it with clothing and pay only $10 or $15 (the best bargain). Other items such as shoes, books, assorted dishes and plastic ware range in price from 10 cents to a few dollars. Great bargains can be found on furniture as well.

The store is open 10 AM to 6 PM, Monday through Saturday and is located at 4302 Asheville Highway.

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