Faith Promise Students Storm KARM Stores

On Saturday, March 7, students from Faith Promise Church arrived at our store in Halls. This had been on the calendar for a few weeks and as the time of their arrival got closer, the excitement could be felt throughout our store.

As they arrived, we divided them into two groups. One group would help on the sales floor, assisting with the transition into our spring set-up. The other group would help in processing, helping pre-sort donated items. They were awesome to work with and eager to help. We loved having them, and based on the amount of smiles and laughter, it appeared they were having a blast as well.

Volunteers are a huge benefit to KARM  Stores’ mission to generate proceeds from our stores to help fund the Knoxville Area Rescue Mission (KARM). Volunteers help us not only by keeping our costs to a minimum, but by helping each store’s team accomplish more to support KARM.IMG_2587 IMG_2559

While youth groups do help throughout the year, individual volunteers also make up our volunteer team. So if you feel led to lend a hand and want to know that what you are doing is impacting others here in Knoxville, stop by any of our stores and inquire about volunteering. Sharing the love of Jesus is very fulfilling indeed.

Halls Team
KARM Stores in Halls

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