An 11-year old volunteer shares the story of KARM

On Sunday, March 22nd, I had the great pleasure of helping lead a group of volunteers in repainting the Alcoa location of KARM Stores.

This group was from Foothills Church so my small group was involved, which means my son (who is 11 years old and struggles with Autism) participated under the careful supervision of my small group. It was really neat to share my love for KARM & KARM Stores with this rather large group of volunteers.

What I didn’t count on was my son sharing the volunteers_painting_alcoaKARM story with the other children in attendance. My son, Samuel, has never personally heard me present the story ofKARM to any groups. All of his information comes from what I’ve told him at home about what mom does at work or from a service project during Thanksgiving at Knox Area Rescue Ministries with Every Bed, Every Day.

I overheard Samuel share the following with the children as they painted Sunday.

Did you guys know that there’s a place in Knoxville that has the same name as this store? I’ve been there once. It’s a big place. Lots of people sit outside and wait for dinner ‘cuz they don’t have a home. And after dinner they get to sleep in a room full of bunk beds. These rooms have cool pictures of Bible verses on the walls. Some of the men who take classes get cool apartments. And the women have a big living room with lots of tables. All that happens because this store sells all this stuff. People don’t need it any more so they give it to my mom and Ms. Carrie and they make it all look pretty and put tags on them. Then people that do need it come here and buy it and all that money goes to help the people waiting for dinner at KARM. We are helping paint to make more people want to come shop so more people can have dinner and showers and bunk beds to sleep in so they are safe and warm and know God loves them. So what we’re doing today is changing the world.

I don’t know about you but listening to him tell the KARM story has changed my world for sure.

Thank you to Foothills Church for volunteering and doing such a great job with the painting. And thank you to KARM Stores for allowing me to share the story of KARM with my community and my family.

Stephanie S
Retail Team
KARM Stores in Alcoa

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