May I listen In? | A Customer Joins In Our Daily Devotion

One morning at Halls, as we were doing our daily devotion, our group was a little larger than normal. We were hosting a volunteer group so we spilled out around the register as we all gathered to listen. With everything going on, it was a little later than normal so there were a couple more customers in the store. As I began to read, I felt someone standing beside me that was not there when I started. When I had finished, we shared prayer requests and the customer that had made her way over to listen spoke up.

I overheard you mention you were starting a devotion so I asked if I could join. Everything you read was meant for me! I am currently battling breast cancer and undergoing chemo, but I believe the Lord has already healed me. It is so easy to lose focus and get our eyes off of Him, but if you stay focused on the cross He will take care of you!

She stayed and prayed with us before we parted ways.  Her testimony blessed my heart almost more than the devotion I had read.  It is so amazing how God places each of us right where we need to be to hear exactly what we need to hear.  It is usually when we are at our lowest that God sends the right person along to encourage and lift you up.  I know this woman encouraged me and, by looking around at my team, I could see that she did for them as well.  The funny thing about it is, she thinks we encouraged her!

Lindsey B
Retail Team
KARM Stores in Halls

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