A Gift Spanning Generations of One Family and Impacting Others

A few weeks ago, our Clinton store location shared a memorable experience with one family.

The family of a recently deceased man were cleaning out his house and they donated nearly all the contents of the house to KARM Stores. It took them about three days to complete the task.

After their last trip, the daughter of the man who had passed came to the store with her husband. They were looking at things they had donated. I overheard the husband say something about the six dining room chairs. This is when I approached them.

“Are you referring to the ones with the green plaid padding?”

“Yes,” he replied.

“They sold about thirty minutes ago.”

I then told them that their donation of just those chairs alone had provided approximately 36 meals, and the daughter grinned.

She said they decided to donate the contents of her father’s house to KARM Stores because her brother was a resident of the KARM shelter several years ago. He was there just over a year and when he was reconnected with his family, the transformation was miraculous.

They wanted to invest in the lives of others, just as others had invested in that of her brother. They donated everything in his name.

Mark S
Retail Team
KARM Stores in Clinton

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