Employee Spotlight: Steve R

Quiet and unassuming, Steve has worked to serve his community the only way he knows how.

steve_rSteve has been a part of the KARM Stores story for several years and now serves as the manager of the Western Avenue location. A generally soft-spoken person, his passion for helping and caring for people in need is apparent the moment he begins talking and his determination becomes evident in every word.

But Steve’s vision for life wasn’t always as clear as it is now.

Shortly after getting his business degree at the University of Tennessee in 1976, Steve entered the business world and worked as a businessman in North Carolina for eleven years. However, despite working a lucrative job, he confessed he was unsatisfied and unhappy.

Realizing his discontent, he quit his job and went to seminary. After seminary, he left North Carolina to pastor a church at Lonsdale. Despite Steve’s work as a pastor, he felt like there had to more to ministry and confessed that he grew tired of religion. Eventually he story intersected with the story of KARM.

 “Now I have the opportunity to express what true religion is,” he said. “That is, to care for those in need.”

The passion that Steve has for helping and caring for people can be felt in everything he says and does. He said that at KARM, he feels happy and content because he gets to do what he believes is God’s will for him.

Not only does he enjoy helping people, but he does so with a very hands-on approach.

“You cannot truly help people by being distant from them,” he said.

 Steve, his wife and family left a comfortable home to move to Lonsdale. He is now a leader and a well-respected man in the community who empowers and cares for the Lonsdale people.

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