God’s Work, In and Out of the Workplace

I have interacted with this particular bank teller almost daily to make the store’s deposit. As of a few months ago he no longer worked there. He came to the store looking for a job because he remembered seeing me a lot and knew I needed help at the store. I started talking to him […]

“Are you in charge?”

I was recently approached by a customer who asked a question I hear regularly. “Are you in charge?” she asked. Having been in retail management at a secular department store for a number of years, I must admit when asked that question or something similar, my automatic response is to brace for a complaint that […]

Why I Do What I Do

Since I started working in the lovely Christian atmosphere of KARM Stores, my life has been changed. I love working in the processing department at the Halls location. My family, friends and church-family has seen a difference in me since I started working there. I am happier because I’m so blessed to have a work place […]

Prayers Requested, Prayers Received

Recently during a transaction with a customer, she saw our prayer request box on the counter. She asked if we really prayed for everyone who puts a prayer request in the box.    I was able to share with her that we, as a store team, did pray for each request and how several small […]