God’s Work, In and Out of the Workplace

I have interacted with this particular bank teller almost daily to make the store’s deposit. As of a few months ago he no longer worked there.

He came to the store looking for a job because he remembered seeing me a lot and knew I needed help at the store. I started talking to him about his faith and relationship with Jesus.

He was very open-hearted and honest. He explained he had been raised in church, but was hurt due to misconceptions and gossip and he just hadn’t made it a point to get involved again. I told him to take an application, pray about it, and call me and tell me what he thought.

He decided to try to pursue a job with us and just yesterday he called me and told me about his first visit back to church and how he felt like God was talking to him through the minister. The message that was given was something he needed to hear.

It is really awesome and strengthens my faith when I get to see God reveal himself to people that have had a misrepresentation of Him from their past.

Jesse S.

Retail TeamĀ 

Karm Stores in Bearden

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