Why I Do What I Do

Since I started working in the lovely Christian atmosphere of KARM Stores, my life has been changed. I love working in the processing department at the Halls location. My family, friends and church-family has seen a difference in me since I started working there. I am happier because I’m so blessed to have a work place to where I can testify and witness all day long and share my love for God at work without any problems.

When people come to donate and ask me questions, I feel blessed to be able to talk to them about God and KARM’s mission. I get to tell them “Why We Do What We Do” and how their donations help us proceed with our mission. I also love having our morning devotions because I see customers watch and listen. My greatest desire and prayer is that through our devotions or our witnessing, a lost soul may be served.

Thank You and God Bless

Jessica B
Processing Team
KARM Stores in Halls

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