Brandon’s Story

On Saturday, August 8th, a young man came into our store to shop and chat with us, as he has been in here a few times before. While he was shopping and I was putting new merchandise on the shelf, he began asking me for relationship advice. As young as I am, I asked my […]

How many people can volunteer at KARM Stores at one time?

Most locations of KARM Stores can easily accommodate up to six volunteers. Opportunities listed online are capped at this limit. Larger groups can be scheduled by contacting Provide the following details in your e-mail to help identify the best options for your volunteer experience. Number of volunteers Age of volunteers (e.g., students, adults) Preferred location(s) […]

How long are most volunteer experiences at KARM Stores?

Most volunteer opportunities are scheduled for two hours. We’ve found this duration provides sufficient time to make a noticeable impact on the selected projects while still being captivating. Longer volunteer experiences are available and should be scheduled by contacting the manager of a store directly or by e-mailing For first-time volunteers, this time will include a brief […]