Life Redeemed by Grace, Now Working for Good

I grew up in church.  I went every Sunday with either my “mamaw” or my dad’s sister.  Sometimes, I even went with my best friend’s family. Somewhere along the way, I got lost and sunk deep into sin. Where it started and why, I can’t be sure.

I started smoking weed at the young age of 15. I got married straight out of high school to a man I adored. He proceeded to cheat on me and falsely accuse me of his actions.

During that time I also used various drugs like acid and ecstasy, continuing to sink further and further into sin and away from our Lord.

My ex-husband and I went out separate ways when we found out I was pregnant. He wasn’t ready for a child and neither was I. I knew I wasn’t ready to raise a child that could be brain damaged or deformed due to my addictions. I decided to have an abortion.

I hated myself and my ex-husband as well. I was angry at God for a multitude of things. I started to do meth to numb the pain. I was destroying myself and the ones around me.

During that time, I blessed with three beautiful girls. I was still given to addiction, sinking further and further away to nothing. But God had bigger plans for me.

He knew that sitting in a jail cell for 90 days would draw me closer to him. It would pull the wool off of my eyes and I’d see the light again.

He heard my cry before I even knew I would cry out to Him. He came down to that horrible pit I had made for myself, picked me up and set my feet back on solid ground and established my goals. It was just me and God.

When I got out of jail I was scared of the world, but our Lord never lost faith in me. He took all my cravings and desire for drugs away. My addiction was gone and I was healed! Now, it was time to work on finding myself and who I was in Christ, then on to getting my kids back (who I lost possession of during my time in jail).

I had great support team. They invested their time and homes and advice to me daily. We shed tears and stories, prayers and thoughts. I went through out-patient at Hope and got a job at Cinnabon where I met some more amazing people.They were just what I needed at the time.

I was still having supervised visits with my girls, which was by far the hardest part of my recovery – not seeing them when I wanted and not getting to spend the night with them that I needed. It was hard for them as well. I felt like I had abandoned them and that they’d never forgive me.

It took me seven months — but I did it — by God’s grace and will — I DID IT!!! I remember the day I got my kids back. I told the lawyer that my goal was to work in an office somewhere and he asked for my resume.

He offered me a job at his company. Little did I know I was entering into a blessing. Within four months, I was running the place for him. I worked there for three years, until this passed February, when I finally said goodbye to the company.

As I searched for a new job, God spoke to me and said “Sit still my child, I have a job for you.” That’s when Pete from the Transportation Team at KARM Stores called me. When I walked into the interview, I knew that this was the job God had told me to sit still for.

I now work there with some amazing Christian people. I love my job and what I do and God knew exactly where to send me!  I have got to tell my story to some of the callers that are losing faith in a loved one’s addiction. I try to give them hope that they too can overcome anything as long as they want it. I’m 2,091 days clean today. Praise the Lord!!

Amanda C
Transportation Team at KARM Stores

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  1. amanda mcmurray

    I love you girl! You are amazing! A miracle indeed!