The Love of a Servant’s Heart

Ella is a hard worker. She gets up in the morning and goes to work and comes home at night, after a full day. By the time the weekend rolls around, some rest and relaxation with a pile of magazines is calling our name.

But Ella is special. She’s a young woman who prioritizes her time and uses it to help others around her and in her community.

You would expect people her age to be spending time with friends at the mall, or maybe at the movies, but Ella has been spending her Saturdays volunteering at KARM Stores in Oak Ridge.

She uses her free time supporting the hungry, helping the broken, and restoring lives in Jesus’ name.  She is a blessing and an amazing testimony of God’s love to all of us here at KARM Stores in Oak Ridge.

Brandon S
Retail Team
KARM Stores in Oak Ridge

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