Because of You

It is always a special time of the year when our Christmas Store opens.

Shoppers find “must have” items, whether they are “our first Christmas together” ornaments, “this is just like my mother’s” tabletop decorations, or “baby’s first Christmas” stockings.

Shoppers share some of their joy at finding just the right item as they check out at the register. For many, they seem to enjoy the experience even more when they are reminded how their purchase helps others.Because of You logo

For one gentleman, shopping at Christmas had a deeper meaning. As he purchased his Christmas lights, I said to him, “Because of you and your purchase today, two people will receive a meal at Knox Area Rescue Ministries, so thank you for shopping with us.”

He paused, and then replied, “No, because of you and KARM, I have my life back. You were there when I needed help several years ago. So thank you for giving me a chance to give back to those good folks.”

Rescue + Relationship = Restoration … And a grateful heart.

Linda W
Retail Team
KARM Stores Christmas Store

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