A Second Chance at Life and a Lasting Legacy … Remembering Tommy

legacy of Tommy + TerryTommy was one of those guys who didn’t tell you about his problems. Always an optimist, he cared how others were doing. But when his brother passed away unexpectedly many years ago, Tommy “pulled away.”

“My whole world changed and I wanted to get away from everybody,” Tommy shared last year. “My family thought I was dead. I felt like God abandoned me and kicked me aside. I was drinking all the time, living on the street, sitting in cold weather for hours. I wasted almost 10 years doing that.”

Spiraling into a deep depression, Tommy reached out to a staff member at KARM who had invited Tommy to join our LaunchPoint program many times before.

A Second Chance

We thank God that Tommy finally came. “They gave me the resources I needed,” Tommy affirmed. “They connected me back to God even though He was right there with me the whole time.”

After graduating from LaunchPoint, Tommy moved into his own apartment. He reconnected with his family and earned a great job, most recently as a building and equipment maintenance worker for the East Tennessee Technology Access Center, a nonprofit that serves people with disabilities through technology.

Tommy was thankful for everything he received at KARM—initially for hot meals and safe shelter, and then for a chance to be Tommy again, humbly helping others with his gifts.

Tommy’s Legacy

While Tommy passed away earlier this fall, he left a legacy with his hardworking spirit for all who knew him. We’re grateful for the opportunity to walk alongside him on his journey and praise the God who rescued Tommy and gave him a second chance before calling him home.

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