Donor’s Question and Surprise Response

Earlier this year, a donor walk through the front door with a question. She had some clothing to donate, and these items were special to her. She wanted to make sure that everything would be taken care of and that her donation would be appreciated.

Donor’s Question

She asked Pat, our retail manager, if she could guarantee her clothing would be put on racks. The clothes she donated belonged to her late husband who had recently passed away. She wanted them to be taken care of and go to someone who needed them.

Pat told her we could put her things directly on a rack and sent her back to the donation door.

As soon as the lady got out of her car she asked if we had a rack for her clothing. We did! We took her things and she came into our donation area to get a receipt.

While I was creating her receipt, she began asking questions about what we do. I told her about our guests at KARM and how we use the profits from our stores to get them back on their feet.

Donor’s Surprise Response

She said that she could tell we were different and asked about donating her time. We talked for a few more minutes about volunteer opportunities and then she was on her way.

Stories like these encourage us to continue in our part of the KARM Stores mission. The smallest donation and brief encounters can further the fruit of our labor and serve the purpose of KARM & KARM Stores.

Lindsey H
Processing Team
KARM Stores in Halls

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