Join the Family: Work at KARM Stores!

why-we-do-itKARM Stores is a Christian business that works to help financially support Knox Area Rescue Ministries (KARM). And it’s a family to customers, donors, volunteers and employees alike.

If anyone were to ask our employees, “why do you do what you do?”, they would enthusiastically respond that we:

These reasons alone make KARM Stores a fabulous place to work.  But, there’s more!

Survey says!

In our 2015 Employee Engagement Survey, we received feedback from our employees about why KARM Stores is a place where people love to work.  We hope you are as enthusiastic about these responses as we were when we first read them.

  • “When you walk in the store you can feel the presence of peace and love, with no judgment, and that is only something that comes from God.”
  • “The employees make KARM a great place to work.  Everyone is always so encouraging and uplifting.  There is so much support here!”
  • “KARM Stores treats people like family!”
  • “Employees are treated well and with respect.  They are given clear opportunities to improve when improvement is needed.”
  • “KARM Stores provides a place where I can speak freely about my faith and feel good about what I do.”
  • “The last Employee Engagement Survey really amazed me.  They really listened to the employees and have made great strides in improving KARM Stores as a whole.  I just can’t wait to see what’s next and I hope to be along for this journey for a long time.  KARM Stores is family.  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY JOB.  CAN’T IMAGINE WORKING ANYWHERE ELSE!!!!”

Isn’t this just awesome?  And, these thoughts are only a sampling of over 100 positive responses we received.  We wish we could share them all!

Join the family

We invite you to apply for any of our open positions and become part of this wonderful family.

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