Convenience v Conscience – Choosing Where to Donate

Easier is better, right? While I make decisions every day based on what’s convenient, there are many times I need to consider other factors before simply defaulting to “easy”.

Giving money

When choosing to give hard-earned money, convenience is not the first factor on the list. In fact, it’s pretty close to the bottom. Other factors are definitely more important.

  • Who does my donation help?
  • Where does my donation help?
  • How does my donation help?
  • Is my donation tax deductible?
  • Is it appreciated?

These are just a few of the questions I try to answer before parting with my money.

Something other than money

So why do I not consider these same questions when giving something other than money? Isn’t my time valuable too? And my unused items still are worth something, even if I’m not using them.

If each time we choose to give, we imagined dollar bills attached to it, the gift giving would become much more intentional. And your life and the life of those you choose to help would be richer for it.

Conscience beats convenient

So next time, rather than defaulting to what is convenient, make some intentional decisions based on your conscience.

  • Choose to give to an organization that shares your values.
  • Choose to donate to a charity that invests in your city.
  • Choose to partner with a non-profit that builds goodwill in your community.
  • Choose to volunteer with a group that appreciates your time.

All of a sudden, driving an extra mile or two, past an unmarked donation bin, to drop off your unused items isn’t too inconvenient. And donating your time on your weekend or evening isn’t too hard either.

The mission of Knox Area Rescue Ministries is to seek to rescue the poor and needy of the Knox area by providing recovery services in Jesus’ name. KARM receives no government funding and relies on the generosity of donations by individuals.

KARM Stores serves the community by offering affordable merchandise as a Christian ministry to the general public. 100% of the money generated through the sale of donated items is used to support the ongoing work of Knox Area Rescue Ministries.

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