Kristi’s Path to Recovery

Kristi was raised in a loving home, but questions about why her father left the family caused her to feel empty. Lonely and confused, 14-year-old Kristi turned to drugs and alcohol to fill that void. Over the next 15 years, Kristi’s drug use increased and led her to a cocaine addiction that would prove nearly impossible to experience recovery.

Hitting bottom

kristi recoveredKristi spent time in and out of jail, repeatedly entering treatment programs but quickly falling back into addiction. She found herself miserable and broken. “My addiction had taken everything except my life,” she says. “My home and children, material things, my self-worth… it took me into the streets, and it was just a very broken, dark time.”

Kristi was living on the streets and under bridges when she finally got tired of fighting. “I woke up and I said, ‘God, I’m tired. I don’t want to live like this anymore,’ and I asked Him to help me get to KARM.” She arrived at Serenity, KARM’s residential recovery program for women, overcome by shame, and was quickly welcomed with love. “What’s so amazing to me is these people that God placed in my life were so loving and encouraging,” she says.

Recovery leads to joy and peace

With God’s help, Kristi has found the path to recovery. “It’s just amazing. Sometimes it’s overwhelming, just the joy and peace I have. I know the void in my life can only be filled with God, and it’s just so amazing, the relationship I have with Him now.”

Kristi’s relationships with her mother and her children have also been restored, and she’s full of hope for the future. “Without KARM I probably wouldn’t even be alive, but now I have peace! I no longer carry those burdens. They’ve all been lifted, and I give God all the glory for it.”

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