“God took me out of the gutter and helped me”….hear Joy’s story

Joy-2014-photo-for-sphere“I just walked off one day and didn’t go back. Then I looked up and suddenly it was ten years later.”

That’s how Joy described ten lost years of drug addiction, filled with despair, loneliness, and regret. I’m Burt Rosen, President of Knox Area Rescue Ministries.  Joy had attempted treatment 15 times before she came to KARM’s  women’s Serenity program. Every day, KARM welcomes people like Joy who have lost their bearings through addiction… and others who find themselves in situations they can’t control. With your help, KARM will offer each one a path back to stability, success and sobriety.

 “KARM’s Serenity program allowed me to heal from the inside out. God took me out of the gutter and helped me to become the woman I always wanted to be,” Joy now says. 

2 Responses to ““God took me out of the gutter and helped me”….hear Joy’s story”

  1. Cathy Gibson

    Joy, Love and prayers. Very proud for you and your accomplishments. Thankful for programs like these that are there to help.

  2. Mary Ellen Noyes

    It was a pleasure to share a table with you and get to know what a strong, beautiful woman you are. God bless you!

    Love and prayers