Volunteers Needed as part of Coats for the Cold

Volunteer for Coats for the Cold

As we enter the last week of collection for Coats for the Cold, the hundreds of coats generously donated by our community are piling up. And while it is not too late to donate that unused coat hanging in your closet, we’re looking for volunteers to help sort, hang, and rack the coats we’ve received.

Unlike past years, we’re placing coats in all 18 KARM Stores locations. With this change, we need more volunteers than ever to help manage the growing piles of coats across all the stores.

The Task

The task is simple but the volume is profound. Volunteers help sort the coats between those that are new or like-new and those in need of cleaning. Those coats deemed ready-to-hang are placed on hangers and then placed on racks by size. The process is repeated 500 to 1000 times at each store location in order to work through the 10,000 or more coats that will be shared with those in our communities.

Invest Two Hours

To be a part of this opportunity, pick the KARM Stores location convenient to you and choose the day & time when you can give two hours of your time. Your investment of time will help provide warmth to someone who would otherwise be cold this season.

Coats are being shared from November 14th to December 10th. Volunteers are needed to help restock coats as they are given away. Bring your family and friends with you as you serve our neighbors in a tangible way.

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