Joe’s Support System Leads to Recovery

joe's story of recovery

Joe loved motorcycles. An avid rider, he was content to spend weekends on his bike with nothing but open road ahead of him. Unfortunately, those rides came to a halt after a devastating accident left him unable to walk or talk.

Following the Crash

Joe spent four months in the hospital. In a coma for much of his stay, his family had no idea whether he’d live or die. When he finally awoke, he began the difficult process of learning to walk and talk all over again.

“I moved back in with my mom,” Joe recalls. “But when she passed away, I was evicted. I had nowhere to go except for KARM.” When he arrived, Joe was using a walker and struggling to recover his speech. Once he was strong enough, he jumped right into the LaunchPoint program, eager to get his life back on track.

Moving Forward

Today, Joe is a different person. He completed LaunchPoint and moved up to The Bridge, our men’s transitional housing floor. He’s progressed from using a walker to using a cane to finally being able to walk on his own. He’s getting stronger every day, working to rebuild his life and his support system.

His Support System

And he isn’t doing it alone. Joe has built some incredible relationships during his time here. From Judge Pippin, who works with LaunchPoint, to Chuck O’Conner, The Bridge Care Coordinator, and Conley, a fellow guest, Joe has found that a strong support system is right by his side.

“I met my friend Conley the first day I was here,” Joe says tearfully. “He told me that he was there for me and wanted to help me… I love him like a brother!

“The classes I’ve taken and the personal support from the staff have really helped me. I’m growing in my faith, and I’m very thankful. If not for [these] guys, I’d be dead right now.”

We’ll continue to walk alongside Joe as he recovers and makes plans for the future. As he pursues the Lord’s direction for his life, we’ll be here to provide the support, encouragement and guidance he needs.

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