Clean Out Your Closet. Help the Homeless.

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It’s that time of year. As the cold temperatures change to warm, our closets undergo a transformation as well. Sweaters are moved to make way for shorts. Coats are swapped out for cut offs.

Ideas are plentiful on how to clean your home from top to bottom.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s start with the room we use everyday, if not multiple times a day – the closet.

Removing the Clutter

Start with the items currently in your closet you used during the cool weather months.

  • What did you not wear at all or only once? It’s a great candidate for removal rather than storing.

Next, evaluate the items stored for the warm weather months that will find a home in your closet.

  • What no longer fits? Remove it.
  • What no longer syncs with your personal fashion? Remove it.

Giving a Second Life to Unused Items and to Others

Now that we’ve cleaned out space in our closets, how do we get these items out of our homes?

  • Put them in the trash. But we don’t want to clog a landfill.
  • Unload them on a family member or friend. But they may not want it or store it until next season.
  • Share these items to change lives.

KARM Stores receives gently used items from generous donors who want their clothing, shoes, and household items to find a new home. In the process, funds are generated to help provide for the poor & homeless in more than 12 surrounding counties of the greater Knoxville area.

You can donate your gently used items at 18 convenient drop off locations. Or, for those with large items such as furniture, you can schedule a free pick up.

Cleaning out your closet has never been more meaningful.

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